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At Johnson and Johnson Tedx I talked about the difference between companies and people who work from their heart and who do not. What symptoms you can find when working in soley reactive and mixed cultured. 

The talk was backed up by 'research'  showing the blood culture that people carry with and insight of them. The continous battle between our heart and the brain (leadership) is aparent within the culture as it cannot hide the symptoms of the increasing numbers of meme blood cells. It are these blood cells that create stress and all related deceases and problems within the organisations.

The sollution lies in the heart itself. Discover who you are and what it means to work and organise around the promise and ambition. The 350 people in the auditorium were introduced to the five steps of the core Genuine Thinking model. It was great to be here, inspire and engage. Thank you all JnJ team and other speakers. 

Understanding your own blood culture is important. Are you aware of the fear driven meme cells? Eye opener for many.

Feeling the pulse of the heart! It is your life stream of passion, talents and fertility of new things continously. If you stop it and meme's take over you will evantually die.

The Core GenuineThinking Circle showing a wholehearted organisation build around the heart. You hold the key! The key for your personal life,  your team and your company.

We would love to meet you, inspire and get inspired, listen to you and show a different perspective on specific questions. Our team is available  to help you and your team. It takes courage! Are you up to it!

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