Live by your heart! Feel the pulse instead of reacting on impulse. Explore your purpose and start working from your true identity and be significant". 

Do you dare to stand in the arena?

Ernst-Ariaan van der Giessen Msc BSoG

Go beyond creating a why! Understand your right of existence, anchor your process and create a natural outcome.

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Discover the three GenuineThinking models and see how they can help you as an individual, team and organisation. Only for people with courage! Check out the programs.

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Explore and dive in how the genuine principles work in different situations. Free papers and inspiration for you. Dare to doubt your existing paradigms and create new ones.


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GenuineThinking did a TEDx talk in the Netherlands on 7 November 2019. Looking forward to share.

Genuine benefits for you!

creating natural outcomes

A lively vision

Working from a purpose and passion driven vision.

Focus & Clarity

SMART goal setting
beyond your why.

Reduction in control

Effective delivery of value and less focus on the process.

Release of potential

Using your talents from
your genuine identity.

Intrinsic Motivation

Energized because you
play your natural role.

Understanding real value

Understanding business
and human drivers.

What do others say?

Real people, real lives

Your GenuineThinking program

Only when you have the courage?

Discover your core!

This core forms the heart - the fundament - of all GenuineThinking programs. Discover and explore your core. 

Build around your core!

You hold the key! Create the right organisation or set the correct activities in line around your 'heart'.

your core!

Learn how to anchor and lead change and guide yourself and others keeping the 'body' healthy and alive.

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You could be interested to ask other questions using the Genuine principles. Learn more how we can help you.

Welcome at GenuineThinking.

It is my dream for you that you get the best out of your life and organisation. Start the process answering some life important questions.
You hold the key!  Only for leaders with courage!

In 1996 I laid down the foundation of the GenuineThinking proces when writing my thesis in Ireland. During my Masters and work I discovered that all people are in search of their true identity and purpose (but they do not want to admit this). When working for a large building and infra company I felt the urge of creating a new perspective. This led to the creation of the GenuineThinking circle in 2008. I used Biblical wisdom, corporate experience, consultancy, psychology and the feedback of professionals  when teaching in higher education in the Netherlands. 
The results were astonishing to me when I saw organisations and people make different choices because of gained insight in who they were. Not only gaining insight in who they were but also the perspectives towards others. The results were incredible i.e. becoming a true focussed organisation, people who changed their jobs,  a natural increase in intrinsic motivation even when their was a higher work load to a school gaining 700% more pupils within 4 years.

Ernst-Ariaan van der Giessen 

We would love to meet you, inspire and get inspired, listen to you and show a different perspective on specific questions. Our team is available  to help you and your team. It takes courage! Are you up to it!

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