THESE TIMES ASK FOR A CHANGE; Lead yourself, Lead others and Impact Nigeria


"Fellow Nigerians please keep faith in the good of people. Learn how to be genuine and work towards significance. Discover and lead from your identity to impact your own life, your family and impact our nation".

Victor Ogunsola Founder GAP, Msc BCoG 


life training by GAP touching personal and profesional life’s!

It is an honour to tell you our vision for each African within the continent.
Are you aware that you are valuable? Are you aware that you are full of value?
Are you aware that you can have and can make a genuine Life CHOICE

It is our goal to help you to create the right mindset, equip you with the right line of thoughts, skills and network to help you to be and make a difference.
Will this happen overnight? No, realistic it will not but we want to sow in your lives and reach out to those who want to pursue working/ living from their indentity and be significant.
Are you ready? 

Genuine benefits for you!

creating natural outcomes

A lively vision

Working from a purpose and passion driven vision.

Focus & Clarity

SMART goal setting
beyond your why.

Reduction in control

Effective delivery of value and less focus on the process.

Release of potential

Using your talents from
your genuine identity.

Intrinsic Motivation

Energized because you
play your natural role.

Understanding real value

Understanding business
and human drivers.


life training by GAP touching personal and profesional life’s!


High end heart and mind training for those people who want to get most out of life. Those people who have courage and reflect and dare to take on the journey!

- Biweekly trainings
- Zoom meetings
- Possibly in Nigeria*
- Homework

Coming soon!
- online GenuineMarriage
- online Effectiveness


Exclusive Training for teams. LEarning how to work more effectively and efficient by creating a common promise and ambition as starting point.

Are you the leader who wants to get most out of the team. Get ready and create a Genuine Team. 


Corporate is often all about rational. In the corporate way of leading you will learn that there are three levels of leading; from the heart, through the mind and action based.

The corporate sessions are tailor made. Please let us know how to help!


Welcome to G.A.P. (Genuine African Program). This program has been designed by the people from GenuineThinking. It is our vision to see Africa develop from its true identity towards impacting personal lives, businesses and communities. You are valuable and full of value. It is an honour to meet you here".

Olumayowa Victor Ogunsola
and Ernst-Ariaan van der Giessen

You are valuable!
You are full of value!
Your feedback is valuable for us!

Thank you for participating in the session. We would like to improve our services in order to help you better. It is our  dream to see you impact your personal and professional life.

Please fill in your feedback form and we make sure we read, reflect and learn from it. 

You are valuable to us.
Team GAP

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Session Thursday 11th June 2020
Session Friday 12th June 2020
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