My heart

It is my passion to see people, teams and relationships flourish. Life  and time are precious and so are all people; meaning you and your organisation.

I belief that everyone is created to use their talents and competences to serve one another. This value adding process can and should be done with joy, peace and excitement. I believe that this is possibe when you discover the power of your true identity and hence purpose. 

Working from identity towards significance goes beyond creating a 'why'. It is becoming truthfull towards yourself instead of acting on your surroundings and often misleading thinking.

Do you have the courage?

Ernst-Ariaan van der Giessen

Your GenuineThinking team

Ready for you if you dare!

GenuineThinking is a platform to influence and inspire. Ernst-Ariaan can be invited for talks, genuine perspective and genuine creation. We work with Genuine ambassadors and partners to help people, communities and business to discover and work using the Genuine Principles.  We do this in different fields. Please inspire us with your question.

Victor Ogonsula

Genuine Empower Africa Program (GEAP)

Victor is one of our trainers and involved in the Genuine Empower Africa Program (GEAP). The vision is to teach Africans to take their destiny in their own hands. We create Genuine Training Centres to impact lives, influencing business and governmental authorities.

Jolanda Nieuwenkamp BDoG

Genuine UghandaProgram (GUP)

Jolanda is chairing the Bulamu foundation. We work together with them and local partners to empower and educate local leaders, communities and businesses in Ughanda.

Irene Westeneng

Genuine School / Lecturer, trainer and author

Irene is since the beginning part of the GenuineThinking house. A great mind, reflective and not afraid to ask the questions that matter. Helps educational institutions. Are you ready for a change?

GenuineThinking promises

creating natural outcomes

We would love to meet you, inspire and get inspired, listen to you and show a different perspective on specific questions. Our team is available  to help you and your team. It takes courage! Are you up to it!

How can we help you?

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